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The importance of photography in PR

A photography studio set up

Photography is an incredibly important tool to a business particularly when it comes to PR. However, you’d be surprised at how many companies who invest heavily in their marketing make shortcuts. Many will bypass or put little spending and effort into sourcing the vital images to complete the package.

If you’re in public relations or communicate regularly with journalists and media outlets, you will be asked for high-quality images. It’s also becoming increasingly likely that you may even need to supply video. Both of these mediums should accompany any media release that goes out. There is no story without an image — and poor quality photographs are a no-no.

“That’s OK, I’ll get one on my iPhone” or “Bill in accounts has a camera” doesn’t cut it.

Why is photography in PR so important?

The media is very visual. A great or important story can fail to make it to print or online because of a poor quality image. On the other hand, mediocre tales can be brought to life by quality photography and creative imagery.

High-quality, professional images give you a greater prospect of securing media coverage. They could even move your story up the news list. Both print and online media are in the business of attracting as many sales and views as possible. An outstanding, captivating image on the front page, homepage or social feeds can do just that. Pictures can help to bring a story to life, so if they’re noticeable or eye-catching it’s more likely to stop an audience. Whether that be to read, click or stop scrolling — it’s done its job.

Picture perfect

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so it’s important to make sure the image is conveying the right message. If you’re talking about an exciting or happy event, a dark image of half smiling people won’t sell that story. A professional photographer will have expert knowledge on lighting, positioning, and editing. They will also know how to get the best image possible for the story.

Photographers use expert techniques, capture a variety of images and work with the client to ensure they achieve their brief. A lot of people are uncomfortable in front of the camera. However, good photographers know how to make the subject as relaxed as possible, which translates into the final image.

Social media

The press and online media aren’t the only place where you need good images. Social media is heavily image and video focused.

Technology has advanced and the cameras on our smart phones are better than ever. Although, they can’t quite compete with the quality and functionality of a traditional camera just yet. Phones just can’t match the results of a professional kit twinned with the skill of composition. Plus, as mentioned earlier, professional photographers can deliver consistently strong images that support a brand.

Overall, high-quality pictures will improve the image of your story and thus your company. Using amateur images makes you look, well, amateur. Investing in professional photography for your PR can set you apart from the rest. Boost the look and overall perception of your business as well as increasing the chances of media being interested.

Professional photography service

At DCA PR, we bring together the insight of former senior journalists, news-editors, and highly experienced PR practitioners. We know how to support clients and work both in-house and externally with talented, professional photographers and videographers.

We can organise and manage photoshoots to get the images we know the media is looking for. Our videographers can also create professional films for a number of purposes. Not only this, but our experienced Digital team know what will bring clients’ own websites, social media, and print material to life.


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